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Wave Energy Drink Introduces New Can Designs

Wave Energy Drink Introduces New Can Designs

New design features dark blue background for regular and light blue background for the sugar-free product Wave Energy Drink, of Mooresville, North Carolina, has launched the first re-design of its 16 oz beverage cans. The can re-design was handled by the BooneOakley Ad Agency, of Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has changed from the lightly colored background 'bubbles', which represented the reduced carbonation present in Wave Energy Drink to a dark blue (for regular) and light blue (for sugar-free) background with the prominently displayed Wave Energy Drink logo. Phil Smith, president of BooneOakley, said: "We worked closely with the Wave team to ensure the re-design would stand out where it really mattered, at the point-of-sale. To that end, we conducted research with prospective customers to test 3 different can designs, and we learned that this design increased purchase intent by a margin of 3:1 versus the other options." [...more]

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Thursday, December 14, 8:45 pm

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